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But first for those who are asking, "What is 2000AD?", scroll down for a brief overview. For the rest of you click here to skip to the future fems. As always click on the thumbnail image for the character's homepage.

Back in 1977 a new British comic started, a sci-fi anthology with the futuristic name of 2000AD. Given the lifespan of the average British comic the odds of the name ever becoming a liability were minimal ... or so thought the young turks who were editing and writing the comic. It turned out they were wrong and thanks to characters like Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nemesis, ABC Warriors, Robohunter, Slaine and more recently Halo Jones, Zenith, Sinister Dexter, Nikolai Dante and many others the readership has never deserted them, The question asked more and more frequently in recent years, "What will 2000AD be called in 2000 AD?" was answered in January 2000 when they elected to keep the tried and true name for another year. There were a lot of us expecting the name to change to 3000AD in 2001 but Branding has become key policy to many businesses and Rebellion, the current owners of 2000AD were no exception. They felt that after all these years the name had a lot of clout which they didn't want to lose. So while it's chronologically a bit behind the times for a Sci-Fi comic the name 2000AD endures. I've been a fan of 2000AD for over twenty years now because (apart from the occasional stinker such as everything Michael Fleisher ever wrote for them in the nineties) I've enjoyed the characters and their stories. But given my quirk I always noticed when the heroines got into trouble. I realise most browsers will have never have heard of any of this characters with the possible exceptions of Judge Hersey (who was portrayed by Diane Lane) in the disaster that was the movie version of Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson who appeared in two of the Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers. So I'll do my best to provide a few relevant details on everyone's page. That's about all you need to know so let's bring on the ladies. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Grimbor

Agent Snow

Candida De Torquema


Czarina Jena Makarov

Daksha (Dakshaben Patel)

Durham Red

Elena Kurakin

Halo Jones

Ingrid Wagner

Judge Demarco

Judge Hersey



Psi-Judge Anderson

Purity Brown

Queen Niamh


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