Elena Kurakin

Elena Kurakin first appeared in the "Tsar Wars" arc of Nikolai Dante. The Reborn Russian Empire being torn apart by the war between the Czar and the Romanov family and Dante, the black sheep bastard son of Dimitri Romanov, was sent to the ruined city of Sebastopol. It was the headquarters of his new command. A penal battalion of convicted killers and hardened criminals who had all been facing execution before being offered a chance to kill for the Romanovs instead. Unfortunately the experiment hadn't worked out and Elena had been the only one to stand with the commanding officer when the other troops mutinied. So when Dante arrived in Prog 1185 (March 22 2000) Elena was hanging out with her late commander. Script by Robbie Morrison, art by John Burns.

When Elena backed him up after Dante took care of the Grozny Gang he promoted her to sergeant and she remained the only one of his troops he could trust at his back. Elena was unique in that she was career military rather than a lifelong criminal. She had been arrested for killing her commanding officer after he showed cowardice in battle and became unworthy to command her. A habit she continued in Prog 1204 when she killed General Kluge after he refused to follow the orders Dante had sent via her to advance in support of Dante's troops and tried to withdraw. Elena was pardoned for beheading Kluge (Dimitri said he'd have done the same thing) but with Dante apparently dead there was no one to veify that he had sent her back from the front as a courier. Which made her a deserter and the Romanovs considered that a capital crime.

Why shoot a woman being hanged?

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