Purity Brown

Thousands of years in the future Earth has been renamed Termight and rules a galaxy wide empire. The name was not chosen randomly, Earth's surface has become a wasteland ravaged by monsters created by the time wastes of the earlier Terran Empire. Mankind burrowed deep into the Earth and created two immense megalopolises in the center of the earth with an artificial black hole replacing the planetary core. The gateway to the stars the black hole has enabled the humans to plunder the galaxy. While the empire exists using the technology of earlier ages it is a time of darkness and superstition with progress regarded as a sin and the knowledge of how to maintain the old technology fading. But the first time in history all creeds and colours of the human race are finally united. Under the leadership of Grandmaster Thomas De Torquemada mankind has embraced the Sacred Laws of Bigotry which decree whatever minor differences exist between men are as nothing compared to the horrors that are the alien races. Out there are the ones who are truly different, the deviants, hoggish and unclean! Lead by Torquemada and his Terminators the human race intends to purify the galaxy with fire and sword and eradicate all traces of alien influence among themselves. Hence Torquemada's famous rallying cry "Be Pure!" "Be Vigilant!" "Behave!" It's not surprising that the aliens are fighting back. A Cabal of alien races has formed under the leadership of the tiltel character Nemesis the Warlock. What Torquemada can't understand is that no matter how many of them he has tortured to death as deviant-lovers humans who oppose his geoncidal crusades keep appearing. Such as Nemesis's number one sidekick Purity Brown. A longtime member of the resistance Purity jumped at the chance to fight alongside him which got her into some perilous situations. Early in the series an accident in a teleporter transformed Torquemada into a phantom who requires human life energy to survive. But it wasn't all bad as it enabled him to reanimate the dead and use them to infilitrate the human resistance and the alien Cabal. In one case by turning a spiderlike alien into his zombie host he usurped Nemesis's place as head of the Cabal. Purity discovered him but was knocked out by Torquemada's human aide who had been masquerading as a prisoner. Nemesis attempted to exorcise Torquemada but found himself in a duel with the aide while Torquemada turned his attention to Purity.

Nemesis saved Purity by agreeing to let him escape, claiming that humanity was on the verge of rebellion so Torquemada's reign was doomed anyway. That was a lie but then it later transpired that Nemesis had lied about a great many things. To quote from Nemesis Book 8, "Purity's Story"

But that's another story.

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