Halo Jones

"The Ballard of Halo Jones" was an early Alan Moore creation (art by Ian Gibson) and one fondly remembered 14 years after her final appearance. Halo Jones was intended to be a far future everywoman. While she did remarkable things (most of which were to be revealed in the sadly unpublished Books 4 to 10) she summed up her life as "Anyone could have done it". In the first book she escaped life in the dead end floating welfare state known as "The Hoop". In the second she had a number of adventures as a stewardess about an intergalactic luxury liner. In the third and final book lacking other employment options she became a soldier in the terran forces fighting the colonists of the Tarantula Nebula. Convinced to join up by her old friend Toy Molto they both found they weren't prepared for the reality of military life. After an ambush that killed everyone in their squad except them and left Toy badly injured Halo tried to carry her friend back to base. While she finally made contact with her platoon she was unable to accept that Toy had died of her wounds during their journey and suffered a breakdown.

Resigning from the military she found herself without marketable skills or any hope of employment and thinking very morbid thoughts about death, guns and just how easy it would be to give her fellow civilians a taste of war. Becoming scared of herself she returned to the army and signed up again which they'd been rather expecting as most dropouts returned from lack of anywhere else to go. Reassigned to the heavy gravity world of Moab she rose from private, to corporal to sergeant and while not really happy with her life was able to cope again. When the war ended very abruptly she became involved with General Luiz Cannibal unaware that he was a war criminal hence this symbolic cover for the final episode of her story

Cannibal gave himself away to her when he was accused of waging "Rat War" on Charon, one of the nebula's planets. Banned by galactic convention Rat War used a hive mind "Rat King" to control the planetary rodent population using them as vectors for disease and to attack in groups and devour humans. As Charon was subsequently razed by nuclear attack no evidence remained of the Rat War so the prosecution had to release Cannibal. But Halo had seen the Rat King, worse she had saved it's life during her time as a stewardess. Sabotaging Cannibal's grav-suit so the intense gravity of planet Moab would crush him Halo stole Cannibal's spacecruiser and headed off for further adventures. Unfortunately writer Alan Moore was refused when he asked Fleetway for some of the profits from his creation and walked away from 2000AD to a lucrative career in North American comics. Which produced a lot of great comics such as Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Tom Strong and many others but like a lot of eighties 2000AD fans I still daydream that he'll return to finish Halo's story one day

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