Ingrid Wagner

While initially introduced as a young woman who had achieved everything she wanted Ingrid became a very tragic heroine. Seduced by an undercover Nikolai Dante and manipulated into the control of the Romanov intelligence service she was then forced to betray the whereabouts of her friend Princess Julianna. Ingrid then witnessed Julinna's murder at the hands of Konstantin Romanov and was abandoned by the Romanovs to face the vengeance of the Czar. Ingrid was handed over to the imperial torturer Dr. Lazlo Skuratov and in Prog 1187 (April 5 2000) taken to Castle Skuratov to enjoy his hospitality. Script by Robbie Morrison, Art by John Burns

Dante, Elena and the rest of the Irregulars were on a mission to knock out the long range weapons inside Castle Skuratov. Dante had been ordered to terminate Ingrid during the mission since Dimitri Romanov (unlike his eldest son, Konstantin) did not like loose ends when it came to espionage. However Dante was disregarding those orders and intent on a rescue mission. In Prog 1189 (April 10 2000) he managed to both rescue Ingrid and knock out the castle's weapons.

Sadly Skuratov had been right about psychological torture being the worst kind. While Dante had freed her Ingrid was unable to deal with the guilt of betraying Julianna and committed suicide. Just one of the many senseless deaths Dante would witness during the great war.

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