Worried about Jena and Dante's growing attraction and the potential for
a union between the Houses of Makarov and Romanov which could mean a Romanov
inheriting the empire the Czar ordered Jena to marry the media baron Lord
Deriabin.  Unfortunately Deriabin had imperial ambitions of his own and
planned to orchestrate a war between the two Great Houses and pick up the
pieces afterwards.  So he made an alliance with the outlawed Lord Hawksmoore
and arranged for him to abduct Jena and frame Dante as an accomplice.  With a
Romanov responsible for his heir's disappearance the Czar declared war would
begin unless she was returned immediately.  Dante realised the Czar was more
interested in justifying a civil war that recovering Jena and would soon
declare her dead and one of his other daughters the imperial heir.  So Dante
escaped unaware that his father was equally eager for the war to begin and
about to take measures to ensure hostilites would begin even if Jena was
     Meanwhile in Prog 1164 (Oct. 6 '99) Jena learned why Hawksmoore had been
so eager to abduct her.
     Script by Robbie Morrison, Art by Simon Fraser

While Dante worked on tracking her Jena had a rather strained dinner with Hawksmoore in Prog 1167 (Oct. 27 '99)

Tragically while Dante rescues Jena his half brother Konstantin had insured that war would begin. What made it worse was that Dante was largely responsible for how it happened. Months earlier on orders from Dimitri Romanov he had seduced and compromised Ingrid Wagner, the personal servant of Jena's younger sister, Julianna Makarov. Konstantin used her to betray Julinna's whereabouts in Prog 1170 (Nov 18 '99).

Julianna did not survive the meeting with Konstantin though he left Ingrid alive to take the fall. So while Dante rescued Jena and defeated Hawksmoore leading to them finally consumating their relationship the news that the war had begun with the murder of Julianna by Konstantin split them apart. Jena returned to her father and having nowhere else to go Dante returned to the Romanovs. A lot's happened since then. If you want an overview of "Nikolai Dante" then check http://www.simonfraser.com, the website maintained by Simon Fraser who drew everything on this page. That's it for now, But before you depart here's a bonus Simon Fraser picture from an earlier Nikolai Dante adventure (Prog 1136) in which Jena didn't appear.

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