Slaine was a departure for 2000 AD from science fiction into sword and sorcery fantasy. The series was based on Celtic mythology by writer Pat Mills who had obviously done his homework on the background. Set in Tir-Nan-Og, the mythical Land of the Young which became the contemporary British Isles after the celtic version of the Great Flood, the series covered the adventures of the title character Slaine. Introduced as a wandering warrior with an untrustworthy dwarf (Ukko) as a companion the series began with Slaine hearing that the tribal King who had decreed his execution was dead so he could return home. As he had been wandering farther and farther from his homeland for three years getting back took some time and adventures kept getting in the way throughout the early run of the series. One of these adventures introduced Nest An apprentice druidess, Nest made her debut in "Dragonheist", as she was returning home from the Druid's college to claim her inheritence. Her late father had owned Worm's Head Farm where he had raised dragons. Their crystal skulls being prized for the gemstones that were made from them. To make them easier to handle the dragons were slaughtered while still young and small but Worm's Head Farm had one full grown dragon, the Knucker, a flying steed which had been the owner's pride and joy. The problem was that with wild dragons extinct when a dragon began ravaging the nearby village everyone blamed Nest for letting the Knucker escape. The dragon was actually a beast known as the Mata which had been in hibernation since the ice age and recently revived but nobody suspected it existed. Now it was back and having been used to being offered sacrifices in the old days it was in a bad mood about having to hunt it's own prey again. Anyway Slaine and Ukko saved Nest's life from a mob of angry villagers and asked for jobs on the dragonfarm as a reward. They weren't planning on settling down as labourers, they intended to steal the Knucker and use him to fly back to Slaine's tribe. Finding that life on the farm was nightmarish with her uncle running it until she reached the age of majority and suspecting he planned to kill her before then Nest told Slaine and Ukko that she had guessed their intentions but would help them if they took her with them. Unfortunately the dragonheist didn't go as well as planned and Slaine and Ukko found themselves riding the Knucker with no idea of how to control it. Running after them Nest ran into the angry mob again who planned to use her as bait to trap the dragon.

Slaine managed to land his dragon and kill the Mata then with Nest at the helm the trio flew away with the Knucker under control. Slaine and Nest were a couple for awhile but they split up when he continued on his way and she stayed at the druid's fortress/college having become a full fledged druidess. She still shows up in Slaine in stories set after Slaine's death to quarrel with Ukko (both of them immortal so long as they remain in the fortress of the Ever Living Ones) over his chronicling of Slaine's adventures. Though these days she's little more than a mouthpiece to voice Pat Mills new age paganism and hasn't had an adventure in years. So it goes.

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