Agent Snow

Snow/Tiger was 2000AD's attempts to do a very near future thriller based on the politics of the day. Agent Snow (a British intelligence agent) and Agent Tiger (US Special Forces) were part of a co-operative American-British counterterrorism program. Snow was careful, methodical and had never fired her gun in anger while Tiger's main talent was destruction. Intended to counterbalance one another's shortcomings the pair discovered what appeared to be a comprimised attempt by an islamic terror group to blow up the Center for Disease Control had been used as cover by a high tech American Aryan group to get hold of the Ebola virus. In Prog 1340 (May 14 '03) they traced the Aryan Alliance to Alaska but Snow's plane was shot down and she was separated from Tiger. Script by Andy Diggle, Art by Andy Clarke

Meanwhile Tiger was launching a one man assault on the Alliance's compound and while he had no idea what they were going to do with the Titan it was likely nothing good so destroying it seemed a good idea. Which gave Snow her chance to escape in Prog 1341 (May 21 '03).

To make a long story short Snow and Tiger reunited to destroy the Titan and incinerate its viral cargo. They're still looking for the mastermind behind the alliance unaware that he's a presidential candidate but maybe they'll discover that in the followup story. Assuming there is one as reader response might not have been good enough to bring them back. Still terrorism is still a very topical issue so that might earn them a second chance. We'll see.

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