Appearing in 1984 D.R. & Quinch was one of the early works by Alan Moore and Alan Davis that would make them a sought after writer and artist in the North American Comics Industry. Recently Moore has stated that he's sorry for creating D.R. & Quinch because it was completely lacking in any socially redeeming value. Dammit, that's what I liked about it! The story chronicled the comical misadventures of two utterly evil and completely sociopathic alien college students. In their first story they travelled back in time to blast earth's continents into the right shape to spell out insulting graffiti about a Dean who was giving them problems. It resulted in the destruction of Earth and our species but it saved them from being expelled so from their point of view it was a good thing. D.R.'s real name was Waldo Dobbs but he preferred to go by his nickname D.R. which stood for Diminished Reponsibility. But in "DR & Quinch Go Girl Crazy" he fell in love with the innocent and naive Chrysophrasia, the daughter of the new college drama coach. He convinced her that D.R. was a childhood nickname standing for Deeply Religious and that he was her perfect match and he began changing his life. Waldo joined the Drama Club and told Quinch that they wouldn't be able to hang around anymore. Deeply disturbed by this Quinch decided to show Chrysophrasia that D.R. wasn't the man she thought in Prog 353 (Jan. 28 1984).

After acquiring heavy weapons, a tattoo, an all leather wardrobe and breaking into a liquor store Crazy Chryssie was ready for D.R. to see the new Chrys. Which she did in style by blasting into the theatre during D.R.'s soliloquy shooting randomly into the audience. Then after punching out her father she was ready for their reunion in Prog 354 (Feb. 4 1984) but it didn't go as well as Crazy Chryssie had hoped.

It seems opposites do attract and D.R. had fallen for Chrysophrasia because she was everything she wasn't. So deciding he had been suffering temporary insanity from a vegan meal he had eaten at a local restaurant a few weeks earlier he headed off with Quinch to nuke the restaurant and settled back into his friendship with Quinch. Chryssie returned in prog 358 (March 3 1984) in "D.R. & Quinch Get Drafted" having broken out of the asylum her father committed her to and become a mercenary to survive. Despite her urge to kill D.R. for abandoning her she joined with him in an attempt to escape the warzone as they had pissed off both armies and united them in the task of hunting down D.R., Quinch, Chryssie and their army buddy Pulger. Luckily Quinch's godzilla sized mother arrived to step on the soldiers and rescue the foursome. Apart from a brief appearance in the last two episodes of D.R. & Quinch's Agony Page (progs 525-534) a brief series of one page psuedo advice column comics on the back covers of 2000AD in 1986 (and written by Jamie Delano rather than Alan Moore) that was it for Chryssie. But D.R. and Quinch haven't done much better and apart from a brief one panel appearance during Garth Ennis's 2001 "Helter Skelter" storyline in Judge Dredd it's been years since they appeared in 2000AD.

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