Czarina Jena Makarov

A leading supporting character in Nikolai Dante, Jena Makarov is the Crown Princess of the Second Russian Empire. This Imperial Russia controls most of the galaxy. The only serious rival to the House of Makarov is the House of Romanov, of which Nikolai Dante is a reluctant member. Discovering that he was conceived when the ruler of the House, Dimitri Romanov, raped his mother was a very unwelcome revelation. As he often says, "... and they call me the bastard of the family?" If he hadn't accidentally become bonded to a Romanov weapon crest, a very useful biomechanical weapon, and if it wasn't for the fact they'd kill him if he tried to walk off with the Crest, Nikolai would have abandoned the aristocratic life and returned to being a thief. Being the daughter of the Czar and brought up to revere the Code of Imperial Honour, Jena's reaction to Dante can best be described as hate at first sight. Which was strengthened by Dante's disdain for the hypocritical code by which the aristocracy lived, his constant efforts to seduce her and the fact that he was both smarmy and an arrogant egoist. But people change. As he saw and participated in the reality of the two Houses' rivalry Dante's arrogance became tempered by empathy. Empathy for all the little people casually crushed underfoot by the Great Game as the Romanovs and Marakovs skirmished. Added to this was the realization that outright warfare between the Houses was brewing and untold millions would perish for the greater "glory" of the nobility. Meanwhile following her father's casual execution of her fencing teacher and mentor Jena became increasingly disillusioned with the Czar and realized that Dante was right about the farce that was the reality of the Code of Honour. Which resulted in Jena and Nikolai being able to work together when the physically and mentally twisted Valentine Romanov went rogue and threatened to begin destroying the empire with a weapon that generated black holes. In Progs 1109 (Aug 26 '98)-1110 (Sept. 2 '98) they caught up with Valentine. As you can see their mutual attempt to find and board Valentine's vessel before he could attack Earth wasn't a complete success. Script by Robbie Morrison, Art by Simon Fraser

Valentine and Nikolai dueled in the best heroic tradition. Dante thought he had won so he was able to turn his attantion to other pressing matters.

It turned out Valentine wasn't dead after all but Dante managed to throw him into the Darkstar as it fired. As Valentine's Weapon Crest controlled the Darkstar when it dismantled the Crest (and Valentine) as the singularity began forming it shut itself down. By sheer dumb luck Dante had saved the Earth after all.

Quite a bit's happened in Jena and Dante's relationship since then. In an attempt to publicly appear to be resolving their differences the Czar and Dimitri Romanov arranged for Dante to become Jena's bodyguard. Which meant that when she was abducted from her fiance's castle Dante was held responsible and declared an outlaw. With the houses of Makarov and Romanov both using Jena's abduction as a pretext for begining the civil war they'd been planning for months Dante was the only one searching for Jena. If you want to know how what happened then follow this link. Otherwise that's all for this page.

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