Candida De Torquemada

Being the wife of the most evil man in the universe is bound to take its toll as Candida discovered first hand. Her story can be reduced to "From rags to riches to total insanity" but here's the high points. The daughter of a working class or "prole" family she caught the eye of the Grandmaster Tomas De Torquemada and after a whirlwind romance found herself the wife of the richest and most powerful man in the world. He was also, as mentioned before, the most evil man in the world which was why he was the richest and most powerful man in the world. For more about Candida's husband and the world they lived in drop by Purity's page, This page focuses on Candida. Despite Tomas's little quirks Candida stood by her man (her resolve perhaps strengthened by the mysterious deaths of his previous wives after they quarreled with him) and produced the heirs Torquemada needed, Barbarossa and Pandora, assuring her position as Grandmistress. Despite the obsessive attention of Grandfather Nostradamus (who turned out to actually be Tomas's disfigured older brother) life was sweet for the former prole. Then things began going very wrong. Torquemada was transformed into a phantom who possessed the dead and fed on the lifeforce of others to sustain himself. Trapped in a nightmare Candida was relieved when Nemesis was the only one to walk away from what should have been his final showdown with Torquemada. Losing her imperial position when Mazarin took power wasn't as welcome but Candida had plans to regain her throne. Now freed from her undead husband she began working on molding her son into the successor to the Grandmastership and herself into the media heavyweight to help him do it. Unfortunately Nemesis' son Thoth began meddling with time and brought an earlier version of Torquemada from before his transformation forward in time. This lead to a chain of events resulting in the death of both her children and a visit the to distant future to witness the end of the world. Denied the chance to escape her grief by merging with the primord groupmind and a suicide pact with Nostradamus she collapsed into madness. Ironically Tomas returned them both to their own time and not only regained his throne but became revered as a diety. Sadly Candida was no longer in any condition to appreciate his return to power as we see in "Torquemada the God" (art by Kevin O'Neill)

Even in the far future TV newscasters will do inane human interest stories. But they don't make much of an impression when you're as far gone as Candida

After starring in 2000AD's first (and only?) photo story in prog 534 Candida faded into the background. The Nemesis Saga rolled on but it wasn't until a Winter Special five years later that writer Pat Mills returned to finish her story in "Bride of the Warlock".

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