Daksha (Dakshaben Patel)

Dakshaben Patel (or Daksha as most people called her) first appeared in Mike Carey & Andy Clarke's story 13 as a telepathic test subject at the psychic research centre run by Dr. Durant. She didn't like the mental glimpse she caught of lead character Joe Bulmer's thoughts when he saw her but showed up to save his life after a precognitive flash. After which she found herself on the run along with Joe and his immaterial associate Aden. Aden was a psychic recording of an alien who had been killed millions of years ago trying to recover the mysterious Artifact 13. When she had been reactivated by Joe's minor psychic abilities coming into accidental contact with her memory sphere Aden had taken up residence in his brain and begun giving him orders. Joe didn't like this since it meant he was now on the run from agents of the Agrahar who had killed Aden long ago. By helping him Daksha now found herself on the run and learned that Dr. Durant was the Agrahar's leader. In Prog 1297 (June 26 2002) Durant caught them and revealed that Artifact 13 was the Earth which had been created by godlike aliens the Pan Tot Sef who had enslaved his race. They had stolen and hidden the Earth and destroyed Aden but now that she was reviving she was a threat which had to be eliminated immediately. Dr. Durant decided that Daksha could be used to make Joe tell him where Aden was hiding.

Seeing Daksha being tortured gave Joe the boost he needed to painfully free himself and use Aden's power to mount a one man psychic rescue mission. What he didn't know was how far Durant was prepared to go to destroy Aden a second time.

Joe managed to break through the roof and use his rapidly growing telekinetic abilities to levitate both himself and Daksha out of the building but made the mistake of following Aden's orders to infiltrate and destroy the Agrahar's command center. As Aden used their equipment to rebuild her body Daksha was finally able to scan Aden's mind and learn that she intended to destroy both the Agrahar and the human race. Humanity hadn't been supposed to evolve and Aden intended to sterilize the planet before telling the Pan Tot Sef that she had found their missing property. Fortunately for us while the Agrahar bought the farm Joe managed to distract Aden long enough for Daksha to activate the space warp device used to steal Earth in the first place and zap Aden back where she came from with no way back. All in all it had been a very exciting 3 days for Daksha in her brief but memorable appearance.

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