Rosie had been briefly mentioned in the 1986's 2000AD Sci-Fi Special story and was first seen during Garth Ennis's term as head writer on Judge Dredd in "A Magic Place" which ran from Prog 783 (May 16 '92) to Prog 785 (May 30 '92). Her boyfriend Dink Jowett had discovered the beautiful gardens Martha Fitzenheimer maintained in the heart of Mega City One. After befriending her he had brought Rosie in to share the gardens with him but the city's problems wouldn't stay outside the garden's walls and Dink was tragically killed. He was buried on the grounds (burial being a rarity in MC1) and Rosie visited his grave regularly. Rosie reappeared in "Banzai Battalion" in which a force of garden pest control robots retrained for Justice Department duties before the project was scrapped took up residence in "The Fitz" as they called the gardens. The Fitz was in a shocking state of disrepair which Rosie had noticed but Martha's new caregivers, the Mertzes, not only wouldn't let Rosie see her they also insisted that Martha had revoked her right to visit the gardens. In Prog 1260 (Sept 19 '01) Rosie snuck in to visit Dink's grave and decided to try and see Martha while she was there. Unfortunately Junior Mertze had been bringing in mini military robots to patrol the grounds and hunt down the Banzai Battalion and they noticed Rosie. Script by John Wagner, Art by Ian Gibson

Once freed Rosie called in the Judges while the Banzais subdued the Mertze family. Martha was discovered to have been dosed with hypnotic drugs by them to gain access to her fortune but was expected to recover her mental faculties in time. Rosie got appointed her caregiver until then and in exchange for the Banzai's help let them officially take up residence in the Fitz as its pest control division. Which is about a happy an ending as you can expect in Mega City One.

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