While the series was titled Meltdown Man a more accurate title might have been Ground Zero Man. On assignment in the Middle East SAS Sergeant Nick Stone had intercepted a nuclear weapon in terrorists hands only to discover it had been activated and would detonate in seconds, Realizing he had no chance of escape or disarming the weapon Stone had accepted his end philosophically. Except it turns out that if you're at absolute ground zero when a bomb goes off rather than being vapourised you're blasted through a rift in the space-time continuum. Stone found himself in a strange new world when anthromorphic animals had been bioengineered from ancestral forms he recognised to serve their human masters. While many of the Yujees (Eugenic Bioforms) accepted their lot there were those among them who dreamed of equality but needed a leader and weapons that could resist the human's "Snip" guns and their armies of predators. He had just arrived Disgusted by the slavery of the yujees quickly made an enemy of Leeshar, an ambitious megalomanic who intended himself supreme ruler of the humans and keep the yujees in their place. Seeing Stone as an obstacle Leeshar set out to destroy him but his "guest" Stone escaped with the help of a catgirl named Liana. Liana was part of the small yujee resistance and was hoping Stone could convince her fellow yujees they had a chance. Stone did more than that having discovered that while snip guns could only be used by humans and were able to slice through anything (by cutting molecular bonds) their range was very limited. He also learner that projectile weapons were limited to bows and arrows which gave him an idea. Using the yujee metalsmiths of Anville he recreated the AK 47 Kalashnikov giving the yujees weapons that if not as devasting as the humans' were more effective at a distance. In theory anyway, the next problem was distributing them. Sending his companions T-Bone, a bull-man and Gruff, a wolf-man to contact their people Stone and Liana headed off to do what they could to stir up resitance. Gruff made contact with his old brigand buddies only to discover that Pole-Axe, a polar bear, had taken over from the leader he had known. Gruff wasn't sure about trusting him but beggars can't be choosers. Or so he thought consciously but his subconscious came up with this dream as a warning.
Gruff awoke to find two of Pole-Axe's men planning to to kill him while Pole-Axe took his band to Anville to seize the guns and carve out his own empire. Gruff escaped but while Pole-Axe was enroute to Anville he ran across Liana who had been separated from Stone. Which gave him and idea for how to kill a little fun. You'll note Liana looks quite different from the first picture. While she originally looked a lot more feline after a bad bout of meta(bolic) plague she became a more human looking blonde and was even able to pass as human to predators with a poor sense of smell. Anyway back to Liana's first run-in with Pole-Axe.

At which point Pole-Axe noticed Stone's snipgun was out of juice and Stone had to kick him into the bonfire to get away. A little scorched but not discouraged Pole-Axe headed for Anville only to find Stone had been busy training the yujees to use their AK-47s. With his brigands wiped out Pole-Axe fled but ran across an unconscious Liana. Liana had been knocked out when a damaged building collapsed on top of her during the fighting. Having learned Stone cared about her and figuring she'd make a useful bargaining chip Pole-Axe dragged her off to Leeshar's headquarters

The big secret turned out to be that Leeshar had created a race of superpredators both to crush Stone and to enable him to take over the Earth. The other big secret of the series turned out to be that what Stone had believed to be another world (as the sun rose in the west and set in the east) was Earth of the far future having been struck by a massive asteroid millenia earlier so the spin was reversed. To make a long story short Stone ended the war by tricking Leeshar into detonating a nuke in his heaquarters. This threw both Stone and Leeshar into the twentieth century when Leeshar faded out of existence leaving Stone to wonder if his warning about the asteroid would be believed so it might be stopped before impact (an idea that's been used several times since this story was published in 1981) in which case Leeshar, Liana and everyone else he had met would never exist as a different future would occur. Leaving Stone with a tough decision to make as the series ended. As to if any of the events of Meltdown Man actually happened I'll fall back on Alan Moore's line from the last issue of the pre-revisionist Superman. "This is an imaginary story. Aren't they all?"

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